It was all so clear, Bitcoin is trust. Bitcoin is financial freedom. Bitcoin is non violent protest. Bitcoin is an immutable ledger. Bitcoin is MOON, etc etc.

Being a geek, and a serial anti authoritarian i found Bitcoin early in spite of not being a developer. Not being a developer also meant it took me longer to grasp the totality of the code in which we speak. I’m not sure i can really convey how Bitcoin is an entirely different animal now, yet the same. Nor will i be able to convey the amount of diligence it will take to keep it. It will take communication.

Now, the communication has become a bit toxic. I tend to believe people in Bitcoin have low latency. They’re bright, but not necessarily humble. This new paradigm(BTC) before shitcoins was absolutely political. Movements like Silk Rd and Occupy were political. Silk Rd was a movement. WikiLeaks is political. Bitcoin had this unique ability to stem the tide, to dance the line of value and security. What i mean is it wasn’t really valuable enough, with enough liquidity, in the early days to destroy it speculatively. Trust me, the first Gox collapse was an attempt. But, what is Bitcoin? It was still there, producing blocks whether you got Gox’d or not. Not only this it wasn’t easy to acquire large amounts in those days, if any at all. So it had time to weather the speculative attacks while the security of the network grew steadily. To me, Bitcoin’s development has never been about moving fast or breaking things. Never. The cryptographers that assumed that mantle of BTC were keenly aware of just how unique the network was, and after previous failures in digital MOE, SOV, and UOA, they had trepidation. With good cause, because if in fact this works it has the ability to become the vector equilibrium against Caesar. The money system. That moment when we, the people, can break the bonds of law and money. A seminal moment in history. No more lead, nor paper. We want energy, not the crumbs of a few. We will harness energy not only for our ecological revolution, but for our monetary one as well!

What is Bitcoin, it is vector equilibrium. It’s sphere will expand, and is solid as a rock.

What has intrinsic value? A soul. That is it, nothing more. Only the breath and life of a person carries intrinsic value; not gold, not BTC, and not anything else. You can tell yourself it does, but it does not. What is value then? Some say physical things like say a Katana sword made 500 years ago, but i beg to differ. I believe the value lies in the artist, swordsmith, or people who made it. The sword is simply a reflection of his or her intrinsic value. Kinda like how Gold reflects people like Peter Schiff’s intrinsic value, not much value there IMHO. Bitcoin represents, and is a product of, a symphony of intrinsic value.

Human. Be aware, don't beware. BTC